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​​Products and Services

  • Glotec focuses on overhaul capability (complete engine, aggregates and components) along with providing comprehensive spare parts support.


  • In its wind tunnel branch Glotec is concentrated on offering a full range of services (design, production, testing, calibration ...).


  • Since 2007 Glotec has also been involved in Corporate VIP Aircraft completions (engineering design only).


  • Our specialties lie in:

    • Engines: Gas Turbine MEC GL001, Rolls Royce Allison 501K, Viper, Orpheus, Dart, Adour, Honeywell TPE331, various industrial Turbo-generator turbine engines, ...

    • Wind tunnel aerodynamic testing, WT aircraft models, balancing & calibration apparatus, …

    • Corporate VIP Aircraft completions.

    • Various other industrial and commercial equipment.


  • Countries we are present in are Serbia, Montenegro, Singapore, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, UK, Italy, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Australia, Canada, USA, …


  • As all our customers will attest - customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

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