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​​Company Profile​



Glotec Ltd., founded in 1989, is an international aerospace company with offices in Singapore, Serbia and Montenegro.

  • It is proud to be global supplier of various Gas Turbine and Jet Engines, aircraft and engine spare parts, wind tunnel testing kits, as well as other commercial equipment and services.

  • Our expert team of experienced personnel make sure the customer needs are fulfilled on time, on budget and in terms of quality - most importantly.


  • Our vision is to expand further, especially into the niche market we specialize, satisfying the ever increasing global demand in aerospace, industrial and commercial products and services.


  • By forming strategic partnerships with many regional partner companies we ensure a one-point-of-contact for all your product needs.


  • Being a multi-disciplinary integrator company, Glotec manages and coordinates all levels of product management from raw material purchase, production, quality, to delivery, including the overall R/O management of all engines and components.


  • All our products come with extensive guarantees, and we consider Glotec product support to be unparalleled in the market.

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